PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights

The privacy-first analytics tool to unlock LinkedIn insights


Unprecedented insights into the world's
largest source of professional opinions

PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights enables companies to discover what professionals are reading, sharing, and saying about products, industries, brands, and news on the world’s largest professional network.

Supercharge your media strategies
Supercharge your media strategies

Gain insights into where to invest advertising dollars for maximum ROI.

Revamp your B2B marketing campaigns
Revamp your B2B marketing campaigns

Design successful content campaigns and develop messaging that resonates with your key audiences.

Understand your professional audience
Understand your professional audience

Identify and analyze how audiences engage with your brand, products or services (and those of your competitors) on LinkedIn.


The largest and most active
global community of professionals

LinkedIn statistics

Insights into audiences, content and engagement

LinkedIn Engagement Insights offers the most comprehensive dataset on professionals, with insights into audiences, content and engagement on LinkedIn. Companies can analyze more than 130 analysis attributes, including member and company demographics, topics and entities, links, and engagements around likes, comments and shares.

How PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights works

  • Member updates and articles shared
  • Company page updates and sponsored content
  • Engagement such as likes, comments, shares
  • Action data such as clicks and impressions
  • 130+ attributes
  • Member and company demographics
  • Topics and entities
  • Links

Privacy-first approach to LinkedIn Engagement Insights

User identity protected. No PII ever exposed.

Privacy-first approach to LinkedIn Engagement Insights
  • Social data never leaves LinkedIn
    Social data is processed by DataSift technology running inside LinkedIn’s network.
  • User-identity is removed before processing
    User identity is removed from social data before processing by DataSift technology.
  • Results provided in aggregate
    Only summary results containing 100 or more individual’s data are delivered by DataSift.
  • 30-day retention period of underlying social data
    Social data deleted after retention period ends.
  • Prevents analysis of minors
    Minimum age applies for data collected for analysis.

How can I use PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights use cases are almost limitless, ranging from audience research for media buying to shaping content marketing strategies.

Audience research

Research behavior from high-value audiences on LinkedIn to craft data-driven media plans

Content development

Understand what types of content and creative your most valuable audiences are engaging with to shape content marketing strategies

Brand management

Learn what professionals are saying about your brand or competing brands and gauge your share of voice