PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights FAQ

All your questions about how DataSift and LinkedIn are working together – answered.


What is LinkedIn Engagement Insights?

LinkedIn and DataSift have joined forces, enabling DataSift to launch PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights. This API-driven analytics tool (available through DataSift’s PYLON platform) enables marketers to gain actionable audience, content and brand insights from LinkedIn data in a privacy-respected way. These actionable insights can be used in connection with the LinkedIn network to build more effective media planning strategies, research audience affinities, create better content marketing campaigns, optimize ad targeting, build brand engagement, and more.

What problem does LinkedIn Engagement Insights solve?

LinkedIn has become the definitive marketing platform for brands and agencies to reach and engage with premium professional audiences that drive decisions for their businesses. With more than 22,000 interactions being made with content on the LinkedIn newsfeed every minute, LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for marketers and advertisers looking to drive engagement and leads for their business.

Specific challenges that marketers have faced include:

  • Finding the right audiences to target
  • Identifying the types of content to deliver
  • Crafting unique, relevant, engaging content for marketing campaigns
  • Understanding how audiences feel about their brand or competing brands

To solve these issues, Datasift and LinkedIn have joined forces to create LinkedIn Engagement Insights which provides a privacy-respected window into the activity of more than 467M professionals on the LinkedIn platform.


How can LinkedIn Engagement Insights be used?

The main thing we hear from marketers, advertisers, and agencies is that they want more insights into the opinions, passions and motivations of their target audiences. By addressing the market demand for more in-depth LinkedIn data and insights, we’re enabling marketers and agencies to discover more about how specific audiences discuss and engage with brands, services and the environment around them. Armed with this multi-dimensional data, companies can inform all elements of their marketing strategy and activities on LinkedIn's professional network, from identifying the right audiences and content to deliver to them, to crafting unique, relevant and engaging creative for campaigns.

For example, LinkedIn Engagement Insights helps marketers achieve the following goals on LinkedIn’s professional network:

  • Discover new audiences on LinkedIn for their brand and products - when it comes to key audiences, media planners often come armed with preconceptions around who is being targeted with a campaign and how they’re defined. LinkedIn Engagement Insights enables media planners to validate their audience assumptions and gain a more in-depth understanding of who they are targeting, surfacing aggregated data on job titles, age demographics, location and the size of company worked for. New audience segments can also be identified based on engagement with content that intersects with yours
  • Learn what content in particular works best with their audiences on LinkedIn- marketers may think that they know or have a gut-feel for the types of topics that resonate best with their key audience. LinkedIn Engagement Insights helps them to validate their assumptions and provide greater understanding of what topics, articles and content types (such as infographics or how-to guides) resonate most with their audiences on LinkedIn. With these insights, marketers can create the right content for each target audience and measure its success on LinkedIn
  • Benchmark their brand against the competition on LinkedIn - marketers and agencies can identify how audiences are engaging with brands, products or services on LinkedIn. This allows them to measure share of voice compared to competitors and perform industry benchmarking of their own content and organic content about their company
How does LinkedIn Engagement Insights solve this problem?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights offers marketers and agencies LinkedIn audience, content and company data that can be incorporated into their internal tools or reporting systems. Consequently, this integration can provide them with a more holistic view of marketing opportunities and campaign performance on LinkedIn’s professional network, and can drive better decisions for their campaigns.

Multi-dimensional data, such as LinkedIn Engagement Insights, can prove or disprove assumptions, eliminate guesswork and and provide an accurate picture of the landscape a brand is competing in. With this valuable data at their fingertips, marketers and agencies can optimize ad spend on LinkedIn, and effectively measure and increase people’s affinity and engagement with brands on LinkedIn. These insights are all provided in a way that respects members' privacy.


What do you mean when you say multi-dimensional data?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights offers a truly multi-dimensional dataset that gives you insights into audiences, content, and engagement on LinkedIn. This allows marketers to drill-down and explore engagement on LinkedIn using three dimensions:

  • Audience-level - LinkedIn data provides insights into LinkedIn’s professional audience to enable agencies and marketers to inform data-driven audience discovery for media planning on LinkedIn. Agencies and brands can easily identify which audiences are engaging with their industry or topics of interests, and discover the demographic breakdown of those audiences
  • Content-level - LinkedIn data can provide insights for content marketing. It enables marketers to identify the type of content they should be developing for distribution on the network based on the topics and interests that are generating the most engagement and activity. Marketers can also measure the impact of content on LinkedIn in terms of the audience reached
  • Brand/company-level - LinkedIn data can support brand and competitive analysis. Agencies and brands on LinkedIn will now be able to identify how audiences are engaging with their brand, products or services (or those of their competitors) on LinkedIn. This helps marketers to measure the effectiveness of their communications with target audiences on LinkedIn


How are DataSift and LinkedIn ensuring people’s privacy?

DataSift’s PYLON technology is central to ensuring that member privacy is respected when it comes to LinkedIn Engagement Insights. DataSift created PYLON as the first social analytics platform that allows marketers to extract insights from social networks while respecting the privacy of people using the networks.

DataSift’s technology is installed behind LinkedIn’s firewall and processes the incoming stream of data generated by users posting and engaging with content. Using the PYLON Application Programming Interface (API), analysts can create queries to analyze how audiences are engaging on LinkedIn. The results are aggregated to protect the privacy of individual members.

How is member privacy considered when building this product?

Privacy is our priority and LinkedIn Engagement Insights was developed and built with the privacy of LinkedIn’s more than 467 million professionals top of mind. By partnering with DataSift, LinkedIn has been able to work with the company’s state-of-the-art PYLON technology. PYLON is the first social analytics platform that allows marketers to extract insights from social networks while respecting the privacy of people using the networks. All data is aggregated, giving audience-level insights, without providing any private data to marketers and agencies.

What privacy controls are in place for LinkedIn Engagement Insights?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights has been built using a privacy-first approach, with user identity protected and no PII ever exposed:

  1. Social actions and private data never leave LinkedIn - it is processed by DataSift technology running inside LinkedIn’s network
  2. User names are removed and data is filtered to remove certain identifiable data before processing by DataSift technology within LinkedIn’s network
  3. The results provided are aggregated and results are only delivered by DataSift if they contain data of 100 or more individuals
Who will benefit from this and who can begin using it?

B2B marketers, advertisers and agencies, as well as app builders and partners, are set to benefit from LinkedIn Engagement Insights.


How does it work? What type of data is being made available?

DataSift’s PYLON technology processes the live newsfeed of content published on LinkedIn, as well as the engagement surrounding it (clicks, shares, likes, comments). To process data into insights, DataSift applies:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied to understand the text within posts and articles, identifying the topics, companies, and products present
  • Advanced analytics allows marketers to perform multi-dimensional analysis across both audience and engagement data, unlocking actionable insights for marketers
  • DataSift’s privacy-first approach ensures results are aggregated, providing marketers with audience-level insights while respecting individual privacy
Can I see the actual text, images, videos etc. from posts?

No. All LinkedIn Engagement Insight data is in aggregate form to protect user privacy. For example, instead of receiving raw interaction data such as “Use ACME Inc’s software to improve your organisation's revenue growth” your result could show that 500 women in Iowa have mentioned ACME or engaged on content where ACME is mentioned.

What kind of infrastructure do I need to support LinkedIn data?

While there are 22k interactions being made every minute, including likes, reads, comments and re-shares, the detailed data never leaves LinkedIn. Developers define their analysis criteria and the processing is done inside LinkedIn's data center. Only aggregated results are delivered so developers can focus their efforts on building insights, not infrastructure.


When will LinkedIn Engagement Insights be generally available?

LinkedIn Engagement Insights is generally available. Please contact us.

Are both real-time and historical data available?

PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights is processing LinkedIn data in real-time. PYLON stores data for up to 32 days that you can query through the asynchronous task API.

What countries does LinkedIn Engagement Insights cover?

All LinkedIn supported countries.

What languages does LinkedIn Engagement Insights cover?

All LinkedIn supported languages.


How do I get started?

If you’re interested in learning more about PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, please email or contact us.

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