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As the amount of social data exploded, so did the number of social analytics companies.
To stand out in the crowded marketplace, social techs need to focus on developing insights,
not on data processing. DataSift provides the foundation you need to focus
on differentiating your product and never look back.

Better data
Better data

Play with clean and enriched data set and leave data processing to us to aggregate, normalize and augment the data for you.

Most data
Most data

Access the largest data set for analysis including Facebook topic data and aggregate data across a wide range of other data sources.

Enterprise performance
Enterprise performance

Trust us with reliable, real-time and high throughput delivery of mission critical data with a system designed from the ground up to handle big data scale.


Gain full access to the largest
community of professionals

LinkedIn has become the definitive marketing platform for brands and agencies to reach and engage premium professional audiences that drive decisions for their businesses.

With more than 22,000 interactions being made with content on the LinkedIn newsfeed every minute, LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to drive engagement and leads for their business.

How PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights works


Technology behind the most advanced
Human Data platform

DataSift’s platform connects to real-time feed of social data including Facebook topic data, uncovers insights with sophisticated data augmentation, filtering and classification engine, and provides the data for analysis with the appropriate privacy protocol required by the data sources.

How Facebook Topic Data Works


Use cases

DataSift eliminates complexity and time-consuming data post-processing so you can focus on delivering actionable insights. The use cases and possibilities we support include:

Share of voice

Brand reputation management
Campaign analysis
Competitive analysis

Audience research

Influential media analysis
Topic analysis
Content discovery

Market research

Industry benchmarking
Topic-specific analysis
Vertical applications (e.g. TV)

Campaign effectiveness

Creative and campaign design
Audience affinity analysis
Audience discovery/expansion


Design patterns

We discovered a few common design patterns that provide reusable solutions to common use cases and challenges for developers building PYLON-based solutions.


Baselining is applicable whenever you'd like to compare a focused audience to a wider reference audience.

  • Reveal demographic differences between your audience and the baseline audience
  • Compare when your audience is active, as opposed to the reference audience
  • Show how your audience breaks down across geographies in comparison to the reference audience

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Super public samples are applicable whenever you’d like to test and improve your interaction filters every time you create a new recording.

  • Remove noise from your recordings
  • Validate tagging rules you have included in your interaction filter
  • Broaden your interaction filters to include further terms and topics

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Share of voice analysis is a common form of analysis typically used for brand monitoring (or brand health) and market research scenarios.

  • See how a brand is performing in comparison to competitors
  • See which demographic groups interact with which brands
  • See how interaction with brands varies by location

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