Custom Taxonomies

Match data to your business taxonomy

Receive data classified exactly to your own business structure and needs. Create rules to match conversations to your business taxonomy, such as to your products hierarchy or relevant market segments.

Hierarchical tagging structure

Increasing insight and value

Increasing insight and value

Analysts and developers can easily create custom rules to classify data based on any combination of criteria found within the content, text-patterns or metadata.

Match data to your product hierarchy

  •  By classifying data to match your business model you can more readily understand and integrate data with your existing tools and systems. This classifier demonstrates how you can identify brands and products mentioned in conversations, and fit human data to match your business taxonomy.
View Topic Extraction Classifier

Standard industry taxonomy

  •  Often you may wish to track conversations relating to an industry, or to your own organization your competitors and market. This classifier demonstrates how you can identify companies being mentioned in conversation - in this case within the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
View Dow 30 Classifier

Geo tagging

  •  Identifying the Geo location of particular venues of interest such as sports venues or even retail outlets lets you identify interactions with a single Tag on their proximity to your place of interest. You can then route these posts to your operational outbound CRM messaging to target specific audiences.
View NFL Stadiums Classifier