Machine Learning

Surface and act upon deeply hidden meaning

Human data is rich in value, but meaning is hidden deep within the informal language used by authors. DataSift VEDO allows you apply machine learned models to isolate, classify and surface this meaning so you can identify and extract subtle concepts such as "emotion", "intention" and "topic discussed". You can also increase the accuracy for your own business using tags that reflect your own data structure and through VEDO automate the analytics and response to your insight.


Extract meaning hidden deep within unstructured text-rich data.


Distinguish between subtle concepts expressed in natural & informal language.


Classify conversations based on deeper understanding, and act upon this insight.

Solve Your Business Challenges

Use machine learning to tackle real-world business challenges.

Machine learning provides you with a highly effective, repeatable route to tackling common business analysis challenges. Wondering how your latest product launch has been received by your customers? Rather than manually pick through conversations, use machine learning to automate this analysis for each and every launch.

  • Customer Services

    Automate triage of requests to customer services. Using machine learning identify the nature of each request into classes such as rant, rave and query and route the request to the most suitable customer service team.

  • Buying Intent / Product Purchase Stage

    Identify customers as they move through the product purchase cycle, all the way from them discovering your product to being an owner. Target advertising and promotions based on each stage and achieve greater results for your marketing dollar.

  • Advanced Topic Extraction

    Although brands and products are discussed frequently on social networks, it can be a challenge to identify mentions within informal language, and pick between ambiguous terms. For instance how do you distinguish between "apple" the fruit and "Apple" the brand? Use machine learning to understand the wider context and accurate choose between confusing terms.

Operationalize Human Data

Organisations typically classify human data manually, often building dedicated teams and wasting precious resource. Machine learning allows you to automate this function, giving you accurate results for a fraction of the cost in a scalable repeatable model.

Accurately automate processing of unstructured information.

Eliminate manual and costly processing and analyzing of information.

Scale and simplify your business processes, whilst saving on cost.

Build Your Solution

Get started using our Developer machine learning toolkit.

To help customers benefit from machine learning we provide a toolkit for developers and data scientists. Use our toolkit to train models and generate VEDO rules and run the model upon our platform.

  • Classify for your business problem

    Perform multi-class classification to fit your business model.

  • Explore content and metadata

    Analyze words, phrases and patterns within conversation text, shared links and a broad range of metadata.

  • Extract influential features

    Select influential features using chi-squared and other established statistical methods.

  • Generate robust models

    Generate models using random forest, SVM, Naïve Bayes and other popular statisical methods.